Originality + content are part of our footprint We focus on information that is relevant and palatable to the Kamba community -
meaning we are in sync with out target audience
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Professional sound quality Tune in for funky tunes and great times: Kibwezi 94.7, Machakos 99.2, Kitui 97.7, Meru 99.5

We understand the significance of state of the art equipment in telecommunications. That is why we guarantees our customers the highest quality of sound.


Our team of producers, presenters and hosts are highly trained, qualified and bring many years of relevant industry experience to the table.

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It is now easier than ever to listen to Athiani FM live from wherever you are.


Be a vital source of information, ideas, cultural experiences and entertainment that enrich people’s lives through lifelong learning and responsible citizenship.


To be the ultimate, principal, vibrant and unique radio station that connects itself with the aspirations of the Kamba Community and offers high-quality radio programming to significant audience.

Complaints Handling Procedure

In case of any complaints regarding our services and brand, we have a laid down process for this. Please refer to these documents: Complaints Handling Procedure and the Complaints Handling Procedure ANNEX 1

Our Core Values

Excellence: We seek excellence in all our endeavours’ and we are committed to continuous improvement.

Intellectual Freedom: We believe in ethical and scholarly questioning in an environment that respects the rights of all to freely pursue knowledge.

Integrity: We are committed to the principles of truth and honesty, and we will be equitable, ethical and professional.

Service: We believe that serving others is a noble and worthy endeavour.

Diversity: We respect others and value diversity of opinion, freedom of expression, and other ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

Stewardship of Resources: We are dedicated to the efficient and effective use of resources. We accept the responsibility of the public’s trust and are accountable for our actions.